Stephani Summerlin


I have been practicing yoga for fifteen years, however, it wasn't until many years later, at 26, that I finally began a committed hot practice, which enabled me to win a lifelong battle with severe obesity. I have maintained a healthy weight for over six years now due entirely to my commitment to yoga as an exercise of both the body and mind.

Yoga saved me from a lifetime of pain and suffering, and my gratitude for the practice created a deep desire to share this knowledge with others. I decided to become a teacher achieving my goal in the summer of 2015 when I received my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification from the Southwest Institute of Healing Art.

My favorite posture is Savasana (corpse pose) because I believe that it is the ultimate reason we practice all of the other postures. I believe that our asana practice can teach us how to have control over our mind, and this is the essential step if we are to move deeper into our practice of yoga as a life science. The most challenging posture for me is Locust, because I don't quite have the upper body strength to support the weight of my lower body. I used to skip it entirely, because I had decided it just wasn't possible for my body, but now I try anyway - even if my legs only come an inch or two off the mat - and it is a wonderful exercise in humility and perseverance.

I think that the most important thing to remember in our practice is that it is ours and ours alone. Practicing in a class setting can motivate us to go deeper and try harder, but it also has the potential to discourage us if we compare ourselves to others and feel inadequate as a result. I think it's vitally important to only ever allow others to serve as motivation, never discouragement. Some people are naturally athletic and/or flexible, or they may have been practicing for decades - if we simply admire and appreciate their commitment, then we will ignite and fuel our own commitment.

Originally from Seattle, WA I moved to the Valley years ago. and I'm one of those crazies that actually love the summer heat!

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