Beth Beary Moses


Studio owner, Beth Beary Moses, was initially attracted to Hot Yoga because of the physical challenge, but soon discovered more to the practice. It increased my awareness of my body and mind" It has helped her to relax, lose weight, and manage stress more effectively. Years of practicing have made changes in her attitude, physical appearance, and demeanor, to name a few.

Beth stumbled onto Hot Yoga in 1997 while looking for a mat. She earned her Bikram Certification in December 1999 and since has trained with Gabi Walters from Inferno Hot Pilates Level 1, 2, 3 and Kettlebell Training. She also is an NLP Trainer and Coach.

She has the ability to keep you focused during your practice so class is over before you know it. When teaching she uses her knowledge of the body, her personal experience and her NLP training to deliver a class that will leave you wanting to come back for more! She welcomes and encourages all levels to participate. The hardest part is showing up!

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