Ashleigh Brower


I first began my practice in February 2018 after a dance instructor recommended yoga as a way to de-stress and condition. I was hooked after my first class. I felt on my way to being my best self, and knew in that moment, this practice was special!

What keeps me practicing and the reason why I got certified is because I feel like it pushes me to a better version of myself physically and mentally with each class. It helps me to dive deeper into myself and realize that I am so capable of any challenge- which can also translate to off the mat!  I wanted to help others feel that same way so I decided to get certified in Inferno Hot Pilates and Yoga and luckily finished right before the pandemic hit!

My favorite postures for yoga is dancer pose because it opens up my hip flexors, and being a dancer, it just feels so natural. My favorite exercise in Hot Pilates is mountain climbers or burpees, of course! Both are a quick way to burn calories and spike your heart rate. The most challenging posture for me is revolved half moon- it's such an intense twist!

My advice for new students is to keep in mind to strive for progress, not perfection. Everyday practice looks a little different. I go by the mantra all you need to do is breathe, and your breath will power you through!

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