Ashleigh Brower


I first began my practice in February 2018 after a dance instructor recommended yoga as a way to de-stress and condition.  I was hooked after my first yoga class, mentally and physically, I felt stronger and on my way to being my best self!

What keeps me practicing and the reason why I got certified is because every time I'm in class, I discover new things about myself.  I love getting the chance to push my body and mind deeper every class! I wanted to help others feel the same way so I decided to get certified in Inferno Hot Pilates and Yoga. 

My favorite postures for yoga is dancer pose because  it opens up my hip flexor, and I'm a dancer. My favorite exercise in Hot Pilates is mountain climbers. It's a quick way to burn calories and get your heart rate up. The most challenging posture for me is forward folding a tree into a squat. It's hard to balance on my face. 

If you are a new student, keep in mind to strive for progress not perfection. Everyday practice looks a little different, and of course breath.

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