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       Looking and feeling your best shouldn’t be complicated. We make it simple… and fun.

We truly have something for everyone - that means you. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or looking to get started, there is a place for you in our community. When you come into our studio, you can be sure you’ll leave with a greater sense of peace, physical calm, and the mental energy to face whatever life brings your way.

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floo-id YOGA is a community that’s all about creating a safe, comfortable, and supportive place for you to discover your best self. We’re here to help guide you towards a new sense of wellness and peace.

Most of us know what we need to do to start improving our mental and physical health, but getting started seems too overwhelming, complicated, or intimidating.

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At floo-id YOGA, we believe in...


Starting a yoga practice for the first time or joining a new studio can feel intimidating. We know you’re looking for a place that feels like “home”. That’s why we’ve created an intentional community. There’s a place in it for everybody- a place where you can feel like you belong no matter your experience, physical abilities, or where you are on your journey. Welcome home.


Physical fitness is an important part of living a balanced life, and yoga is a great way to achieve that. But at floo-id YOGA, we believe that total wellness means caring for your body and your mental health. This means we work toward integrating physical, emotional, and mental health into our practice so you can get the best that yoga has to offer. This approach is what sets yoga apart and will help you change your life for the better.


While it’s true that each of us is on our own path in our yoga practice, being surrounded by a supportive, encouraging community can make all the difference to continued success. Our teachers, students, and wider community all contribute to make floo-id YOGA the safe, welcoming place that it is.


     It won’t take you long to know why we have so much pride at floo-id YOGA with our amazing team of yoga instructors; they are friendly, skilled, and love what they do.

When scheduling a session we encourage you to read their short bios below as you will get to know our great team who make floo-id YOGA one of the best yoga studios in Phoenix & Scottsdale.



Beth Beary


Beth has always been active in sports, but it seemed just when she would begin to progress, an injury would plague her. She was initially drawn to Bikram Yoga because of the physical challenge, but soon discovered there was more to yoga. It increased her mind-body awareness, and through consistent practice, all of her injuries disappeared. Yoga has helped Beth relax, lose weight, and manage stress more effectively. The years of practicing have made subtle changes in her attitude, physical appearance, and demeanor. Beth directly attributes these changes to hot yoga. Beth has taught yoga for more than 19 years, earning her Bikram Certification in 1999. She teaches with high energy and a friendly approach that welcomes and encourages all levels to participate. Beth believes everyone can benefit from a regular yoga practice.


Kåthe Bouchier


Kåthe began her yoga practice in December 2011 while healing from a divorce. She thought yoga would be a perfect opportunity to spend time on her own wellness. Her experience in the hot room served as her therapy – she was able to release her painful experiences while feeling safe. Kåthe felt compelled to share what hot yoga meant to her, so she enrolled in the 200 Hour YTT at floo-id YOGA and became a certified instructor in November 2015. She is thrilled to be able to bring the joy of yoga to every class she teaches. Her favorite posture is Standing Forehead to Knee. She feels she still has a lot of work to do on the posture and loves that there is no end goal in yoga. She believes yoga is the practice of finding acceptance and joy in the person you are right now, and the realization that each day your “now” is completely different.


Kevin Prior


Kevin has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2005 and became a certified Bikram Instructor in 2006. He began after taking a class at the urging of a friend, and was impressed with the results. After the first class he was hooked. He continued to attend classes regularly for about a year before he decided to walk away from his corporate career and pursue a career as a yoga instructor. Kevin made the decision to take the plunge, step out of his comfort zone, and trust the process. Now he can hardly wipe the smile off his face! Hot yoga has done wonders for his body, health, outlook, and disposition and he is honored to impart this knowledge upon others.


Mark LeGault


Mark discovered yoga the same way many other men have – through his girlfriend. She convinced him to take his first class in 1998. He was immediately drawn to both the strength and calm he saw in the students. Mark began his yoga journey with Ashtanga yoga and then moved on to a variety of Vinyasa practices. In 2003, Mark discovered floo-id YOGA and once again was hooked on the challenges presented by the hot yoga practice. He loves the breath work, focus, and discipline that Hot Yoga requires. Mark received his RYT 200-Hour certification at floo-id YOGA.


Serena Bruckner


Serena has a B.A. in Elementary Education and has been an early elementary school teacher since 1992. In 2015, she earned her RYT 200 and now brings that same passion for teaching to her students at floo-id YOGA. She also enjoys traveling, art, culture, the beach, gardens, nature, animals, and kids. Her favorite quote is from Jack Layton, an 1800’s politician: “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful, and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”


Samantha George


Samantha started her practice when she was 19 after a girlfriend raved to her about the benefits of Hot Yoga. She continues to practice for her mental and physical health. She became certified in Hot Pilates because she wanted to impact people's lives the way others had impacted hers.

Her advice to students is, “Don't wish for it; work for it! Everytime you step into a class you are closer to where you want to be so keep fighting for your goals, dreams, and aspirations!”


Candice Epp


Candice has been teaching Inferno Hot Pilates since 2019. She loves the workout in her own practice and loves to challenge you with a killer playlist along with an amazing experience. You will love how friendly and genuinely happy Candice is to teach IHP.


Marlaina Watson


Marlaina began her practice at floo-id YOGA with hot yoga. "I had never done it but my friend and fellow instructor Käthe encouraged me to try and after one class I fell in love!!"

Eventually she tried Inferno Hot Pilates and loved it so much that she attended the Inferno Hot Pilates training and began teaching. "The class is so fun and also an amazing workout. I immediately saw a difference in my body and felt so good doing it! As long as you do your best it’s always enough!! You will feel great!"

She enjoys teaching at floo-id YOGA and being a part of such an amazing community. "The best part of teaching is encouraging people to do great things for their mind, bodies and soul."


Danielle Weese


Danielle’s love for yoga was instantaneous. She has always been passionate about health and wellness for herself and for others. After taking her first class in 2009, it was not only easy to see the physical benefits of performing the asanas, being challenged with movement and breath, but also the mental benefits too, finding a deeper connection with herself spiritually. After practicing yoga for 12 years, she finally decided to share her practice and love for yoga with others by taking steps toward officially becoming a teacher. Danielle is truly passionate about helping others with their own personal journey, offering encouragement and space for self-discovery.

Danielle is an AZ native growing up in Lake Havasu City. She moved to Phoenix where she earned a culinary arts degree through the Art Institute of Phoenix. She has over a decade’s experience in fine dining restaurant and hotel management. Danielle enjoys living in Desert Ridge with her husband, three children and dog. She loves vegetarian cooking, music, and all of Arizona’s outdoor activities.

Danielle holds certifications in Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, kids yoga, yin, chair, and trauma-informed yoga with additional training in yoga Nidra.

Fun fact! Toughest pose physically and mentally…locust! Most loved, standing bow of course!



Heidi Panek


Heidi has been teaching yoga for over 25 years, and teaching dance for over 35 years. She is a certified yoga teacher with an extensive dance background. She holds her Bachelor of Arts with Summa Cum Laude honors and her Master of Fine Arts degrees in Dance, with specializations in Performance, Choreography, and Kinesiology. Her love of yoga began and continues with her most beloved yoga teacher, one of the original top 5 teachers trained by Bikram, Cintra Brown.

Throughout each class, Heidi provides insightful encouragement with enlightening messages, as well as precise attention toward physical alignment and use of breath. She strives to keep each student feeling safe and free to go deeper in their own practice. Her soothing voice is known to bring peace upon the overall practice experience, as she guides her students on a path to unite themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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